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JACK BENNY’S ‘A’ LIST  – Mar 2023

Two Sides of the Story- Not Covered in Mainstream Media

US banking system ‘sound’ yet not all deposits guaranteed, Yellen admits, despite rush to cover ‘connected’ Signature and SVB uninsured Silicon Valley bank ‘high stakes’ investors such as CA governor Gavin Newsome

WASHINGTON, March 16 (Reuters) – The U.S. banking system remains ‘sound’ and Americans can feel confident that their deposits are safe, Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen said on Thursday, but she denied that emergency actions after two large bank failures mean that a blanket government guarantee now existed for all deposits.

Yellen Appeared to Contradict Herself

‘Americans can feel confident that their deposits are safe’, Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen said on Thursday, but she denied that emergency actions after two large bank failures mean that a blanket government guarantee now existed for all deposits

More than $9.2 trillion of U.S. bank deposits were uninsured at the end of last year, accounting for more than 40% of all deposits, according to U.S. central bank data. Those uninsured deposits are not distributed evenly across the country, FDIC data shows.


SVB Collapse-How it happened

Dem Reporter Calls Mainstream Reporting ‘Comically inept’ On Witness Stand Re. January 6 and 2020 election

No. 1 Anchor Calls Jan. 6 storming of the Capitol ‘second-largest hoax of my lifetime’ behind only the 2020 election’

Another Conservative Speaker Again Results in Riot on College Campus, Chancellor Blames Speaker

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Mustard is Back

Mustard is one of our treasured wildflowers seen rather Commonly in northern CA. But it’s only around for a short time, usually february through march. With all the rain this year it’s been hard to Get out and enjoy it but now you Can as the rains subside. AFTER a three year break due to Covid, IT’s BACK! And with a real celebration like years ago…The mustard king or the place that we most like to go to see mustard remains Napa , California- You know, the beautiful wine country just an hour north of san francisco. Just drive along highway 29 towards Calistoga And you’ll see mustard splendor. Lots of art and activities this year, Too!

PLENTY of mustard elsewhere besides Napa, too, such as along Alhambra Rd in Martinez
One of the don’t miss Stops on our mustard tour is the Jessup Winery and Gallery where you can see The doggie in the mustard was painted by a high school Girl and one fresh prize . And don’t miss the jesse gallery On Atlas peak near the Silverado trail where you can get the Great inspirational , even mystical books about Mustard and mythology like the one below signed by GALLERY OWNER and Napa resident Jessell Miller, herself

Never too late…

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Road To Wisdom

CAT TALES- Petting Zoo

High Five St. PADDYS Lucky Zack Cat -revisited-in tribute to our 17-year old former 28 pounder Zack cat- now 14 pounds and still eating well and still fat and happy despite lymphoma, Diabetes and kidney disease -Thanks to TLC, special diet and good nature/will to live despite losing two brothers recently. (As we remember OrangevJulius and Zippy BREAKING OUT THE GREEN TONIGHT for Zack!
In our case makes thst Zack and Pinky. ..

Dinner time on the trail

Remembering BURT BACHARACH and-and-

Who at least made it past 90 as did Hueyb’Piano’Smith. Not so for Lisa Marie Presley, Cindy Williams , Tony Dow, Kirsty Alley and others- may they rest in peace as they live on in our hearts and minds and celluloid and sound .

Have a Good Day or Good in your day ALWAYS!