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BEST DEAL ON WEB -Restaurant $25 Certificates for only $4, Groupon Travel

BEST DEAL ON WEB -Restaurant $25 Certificates for only $4, Groupon Travel

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This week: YogaWorks pass and wine and cheese tasting!
Get a free week pass from YogaWorks and a complimentary wine and cheese tasting for two at Viansa Winery and Marketplace in Sonoma and a $10 credit from invino.com in this week’s Free Stuff!

Get a free week pass from YogaWorks and a complimentary wine and cheese tasting for two in this week’s Free Stuff!


To receive a free week pass from YogaWorksCLICK HERE.


To receive a complimentary wine and cheese tasting for two at Viansa Winery & Marketplace in Sonoma and a $10 credit from www.invino.com CLICK HERE.

**Please note: The first 200 people who join invino.com will receive the tasting for two, thereafter will receive a $10 credit
**If you are one of the first 200 people, you will receive an email this Monday with redemption instructions




Coupon Country, Advertising Agencies & Counselors, Lafayette, CA



    SWEETHEART TRAVEL PACKAGES   groupon chicago high rise pic From $119 for the Avenue Crowne Plaza

Magnificent Mile-Downtown Chicago

A great deal at the Avenue Crowne Plaza on the

Magnificent Mile in Chicago.Popular Groupon Getaway

great views and ease to use the Groupon. 
LAS VEGAS : From $239 for Treasure Island Hotel&Casino w/Cirque Du Soleil Tickets or Wedding Package


and now for a little humour. We love our senior friends – and anyone who must give up this ever desired utility…
It Is Time!

How do you know when it is time to

“hang up the car keys“?

I say when your dog has this look on his face!

A picture is worth a thousand words!

BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY KNOCKS  MAKE MONEY on the Side – Easy-Sell Top Marketing Packages…

Internet advertising is quickly replacing the old guard print ads including Phone Book,
Newspaper and even direct mail is not what it used to be…
It used to be that one could simply run a large ad in the Yellow Pages Phone Book and coast
the rest of the year, but that is no longer true as people are going to the internet now.
The problem is that there are so many aspects to the internet, from webpages – that must be  ‘optimized – to social media to email marketing to mobile. It takes a combination
of these different intertnet platforms to bring response close to that of the old print.
The good news is that internet marketing is less expensive than the old print ads
but businesses don’t know where to go or what platforms to use.
That’s where we come in.  Businesses must be educated and directed to the new media.
 Coupon Country and Yellow Pages Coupons have  spent the last several
years researching and implementing the new media and they’ve put together a very
cost-effective package which includes all the important new ad media. They call it
the ‘INFINITY 7-in-1 Package.’ For less $100/month we will implement all these media
for a business:
– Mobile Marketing
– Coupon Apps
– Other integral software
Coupon Country also offers full blown optimized websites and individual Facebook fan pages
for only $97/month, each,  as well as still-effective low-cost direct mail coupon book mailers for a Top 10-in-1 Marketing Package.
 Businesses are at a loss right now, leaving a major opportunity for us
during the internet marketing’s infancy. You can take advantage of this ‘open market.’
Coupon Country pay’s a full 33% commission (ongoing). Training is easy, Leads
and testimonials  may be  provided
as well as materials. Sellings can be done via internet or in person
FOR MORE INFO please contact BURT @ 925-284-7168

 Coupon Country, Advertising Agencies & Counselors, Lafayette, CA6




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